Where’s Maggie? Gatsas works.

Where’s Maggie? Gatsas works.

Recently, as Gov. Maggie Hassan sat in Massachusetts at a high visibility governors’ conference publicly acknowledging and bemoaning the drug crisis that our state faces, hundreds of New Hampshire’s sons and daughters remained here in New Hampshire and at risk because of drug dependency. Used needles and other drug paraphernalia are littered along New Hampshire’s public ways, in our parks, and even in our little league baseball fields.

While the governor sat at the conference and pontificated about an obvious and tragic problem, the mayor of the state’s largest city, Ted Gatsas, was in the press also, celebrating the groundbreaking for a new drug rehab center with other concerned citizens who are working hard, expending their personal time, money and effort to solve the drug crises.

While Gov. Hassan was flying out of state to raise money for her Senate campaign, Mayor Gatsas was at a new youth service center, a center which, thanks to his efforts, was funded by local citizens to provide a safe place for homeless youth — those most susceptible to illegal drug use. The mayor had recognized the problem and convinced concerned citizens to provide the funds for this important Child and Family Services facility.

Where has Maggie been?

Henry Stebbins, Manchester, NH