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Building A Stronger, Safer, More Connected Community One Thread at a Time:

TOPIC: Economic Development

What’s my Thread? By Mayor Ted Gatsas: Begin a creative conversion economic development campaign.  This would be done by taking a visible vacant commercial properties and bringing new temporary-to-permanent use to these properties.  For example, a weekend artists markets or a year-round farmers market.  This creative conversion would have three immediate benefits: 1) bring visibility to available, vacant properties throughout  the city, 2) promote local retailers, entrepreneurs and artisans, 3) bring new types of development to all areas of the city. My /THred/ in action: INTOWN Manchester has proven though the Holiday Market that by using spaces in non-traditional ways you will grow the local economy.

What’s my Thread? By Bill S: Bring back RiverFest.  This was always a really fun time in the city.  I always remember going as a kid and I wish that we still had a citywide festival celebrating Manchester that I could bring my children to.

What’s my Thread? By Mayor Ted Gatsas: Begin a hometown loyalty program that features a map of local businesses and local alternatives to online shopping.  Every dollar we put into our local brick and mortar businesses helps fuel our local economy, goes back to supporting our community, supporting our schools and growing our tax base.

TOPIC: Education

What’s my Thread? By Mayor Ted Gatsas: Create a new public/private partnership where the Manchester School District will incentivize principals, building leaders and teachers to showcase their programming and be rewarded with recognition.  Create Manchester’s own special and unique version of the “EDies”. My /THred/ in action: In May it was announced that Parker-Varney Elementary School had earned the “EDie” recognition; an Elementary School of Excellence Award through the NH Excellence in Education Program.  It was an exciting, exhilerating and special day for the entire Parker-Varney community, the district and the city of Manchester.

What’s my Thread? By Amelia S: I would like to see class sizes reduced in the Elementary Schools.  Each year at the end of the year I worry about the class size for the following year.  I would really like for this cycle to end in Manchester.

TOPIC: Infrastructure

What’s my Thread? By Mayor Ted Gatsas: Collectively review the city parks system and their interconnectedness  and utilization.  Bring forward new activity options for city parks that will promote the health and well-being of city residents.  We will also bring people outside of Manchester to utilize our parks and, as a result, they will also participate in our local economy. My /THred/ in action: Recently the city developed an under utilized piece of green space to become The Hollows Disc Golf Course on Mitchell Street.  As a result, we have seen new people visit the city, participate in our local economy and provided a safe use of this space.

What’s My Thread? By Ken358: I would like to see the city pick up trash using the mechanical arm trucks like the recycle trucks use.  That way we could take all the people that are no longer needed on the trucks to do other things or not need as many people and save money.

What’s my Thread? By Matt W: I would like to see the city post an interactive map of street construction on  the city website that indicates where there are detours and work being done.  Don’t get me wrong I am appreciative of all the work that’s being done on city streets but I would also like to be able to avoid construction traffic when possible.

TOPIC: Drug Addiction

What’s my Thread? By Mayor Ted Gatsas: Use our diverse network of non-profits throughout the city to engage and train 100+ community volunteers to partner with service providers to aid in the recovery coaching process and become part of the support network for someone working towards change and recovery.

What’s my Thread? By Susan Paris: I would like to see the Manchester Police implement a program similar to the one in implemented by the police department in Gloucester, MA.  Law enforcement officials work with those struggling with addiction as an “angel” rather than arresting.  They are working with those individuals on the the road to detox and recovery.

TOPIC: Public Safety

What’s my Thread? By Mayor Ted Gatsas: Bring a drug court to Manchester at Hillsborough County North providing an effective alternative for offenders, creating a diversion program and lowering recidivism rates. My /THred/ in action: In counties with individuals participating in drug courts recidivism rates dramatically decrease and the daily costs for incarceration are nearly 9x’s more than rehabilitation through drug courts.