PRESS RELEASE: The Gatsas Granite Growth Agenda ~ A Comprehensive Plan for New Hampshire’s Economy

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ted Gatsas releases The Gatsas Granite Growth Agenda, a comprehensive plan for New Hampshire’s economy and announces beginning of statewide business tour


MANCHESTER, NH – Today, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mayor Ted Gatsas released The Gatsas Granite Growth Agenda, a comprehensive plan for New Hampshire’s Economy.

Gatsas began, “as Governor, I will get Concord off the backs of New Hampshire families and businesses and out of your wallets. I will be a partner in working to strengthen and grow New Hampshire’s economy.”

The Gatsas Granite Growth Agenda is a comprehensive 10-point commitment to Granite Staters:

  1. Tax Relief for NH Families, Businesses and Municipalities:  “Families, businesses and municipalities across the state are looking for tax relief and consistency – and they should get it.  Concord needs to keep the promises it makes,” stated Gatsas while calling for an end to downshifting and pledging to continue to cut the state’s business taxes.
  1. Make NH the #1 Most Business Friendly State: “Economic development must operate on businesses’ timetable and not be forced to wait for Concord,” added Gatsas.  The Granite Growth agenda proposes transforming the Division of Economic Development to a public/private agency model like other sates so it has the ability to operate like the business and industry community they serve.
  1. Decrease Energy Costs & Increase Energy Diversity: “The energy market should be about two things supply and demand.  Unfortunately, today that is not the case but it will be my goal,” remarked Gatsas.  Among Gatsas’ points on energy he calls for ending hidden taxes on utility bills and reviewing state energy regulations to ensure they are not counter-productive to progress.
  1. Responsive Job Training & Workforce Development: “As Governor I will close the gap between the needs of our employers and the skills of our workforce,” stated Gatsas as he renewed his commitment to focus on trade and technical education in New Hampshire.
  1. Competition and Access in Healthcare: “I believe in the free market – competition in the marketplace drives down costs, improves quality and encourages innovation,” added Gatsas.  As Governor Gatsas will work to ensure there is competition in the marketplace and options in care.
  1. A New Hampshire Business Based Growth Strategy: “As Governor I will partner with our business and industrial community to grow existing business, promote entrepreneurship and recruit new business to New Hampshire,” commented Gatsas.  Gatsas will establish the ‘Governor’s Granite Growth Regional Economic Advisory Panels’ with the local chambers of commerce as a way to support regional business initiatives.
  1. Investment in NH’s Infrastructure:  “By air, land and sea we need to ensure that New Hampshire’s economy is connected and continue to invest and maintain a modern infrastructure so we are competitive both nationally and globally,” added Gatsas.
  1. A Silver Lining: “As Governor, I will lead the fight for our seniors and make them part of our plan to grow and renew New Hampshire’s economy.  Today, our seniors are more active and many remain in the workforce, making real contributions to our economy,” added Gatsas while pledging to make the state Bureau of Elderly and Adult services lead with the principle of maintaining vibrancy.
  1. A Millenial Endeavor: “We must keep our next generation of homegrown young leaders in state after graduation while attracting millennials from other parts of the country,” stated Gatsas.  He offered praised for the Live Free and Start Initiative and committed to supporting its future success as Governor.
  1. Bolster the NH Quality of Life: “New Hampshire’s beauty is a driving force in our economy and communities and businesses throughout our state depend on our travel and tourism industry and we must protect it,” remarked Gatsas.  Gatsas also recognized that safe streets and safe communities support that quality of life and pledged to work with law enforcement and local leaders to end the drug and opioid epidemic.

The full text of The Gatsas Granite Growth Agenda, is available online at

Gatsas also announced the beginning of a statewide business tour to promote The Granite Growth Agenda. “I am looking forward to bringing this agenda to businesses and organizations across the state and meeting with stakeholders to discuss the positive impacts it will have,” added Gatsas.

The Gatsas Granite Growth Business Tour includes formal business tours, downtown walks, stop-ins at the local area chambers of commerce and meet and greets.  The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Ruger Firearms Business Tour
Newport, NH

Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce Stop-in
328 Main Street, New London, NH

Claremont Downtown Walk with Nancy Merrill
Claremont, NH

Claremont Area Chamber of Commerce Stop-in
Claremont, NH

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Coed Sportswear Business Tour
Newfieds, NH

Exeter-Area Chamber of Commerce Stop-in
Exeter, NH

Greater Raymond Area Chamber of Commerce Stop-in
Raymond, NH

Thursday, August 4, 2016
Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Business Tour
Hudson, NH

Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce Stop-in
Hudson, NH

Friday, August 5, 2016
Town & Country Motor Inn Business Tour
Gorham, NH

Berlin Senior Center Meet & Greet
Berlin, NH

North Country Chamber of Commerce Stop-in
Colebrook, NH

“The plan before you is comprehensive and it is achievable, we can and we will get it done,” concluded Gatsas.

Ted Gatsas is the 47th Mayor of Manchester and is currently serving his fourth term.  Prior to serving as Mayor he served concurrently as a city Alderman and State Senator representing District 16.  He served as Senate President from 2005 – 2006.  Before entering public service Ted and his brother Michael co-founded Staffing Network an employee-leasing company that grew to be one of the largest employers in New Hampshire.  Staffing Network was eventually acquired by ADP Payroll affording Ted the ability to serve the City of Manchester and the State of New Hampshire and give back to the city and state that had shaped his life and career.