Ted’s Team, The First 50

Ted’s Team, The First 50

MANCHESTER, NH – – Republican candidate for governor and Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas announced the start of his statewide grassroots coalition.  The “first 50″ is comprised of current and former elected officials, business leaders and activists.

“Since I announced my candidacy for governor we have been hard at work meeting people across New Hampshire to discuss the issues that matter most to Granite Staters. Our response has been terrific and I am energized by the endorsements we have received,” said Gatsas.

“This “first 50″ list of supporters is the foundation of our grassroots coalition.  It’s a diverse  and distinguished group that will help us expand our reach and carry our message far and wide across the state,” continued Gatsas.

“Ted’s Team is committed to restoring strong and decisive leadership to the corner office.  They believe that I am the best choice to address the most pressing issues facing our state including the drug crisis, skyrocketing electric rates and the overregulation of business that prevents growth.  I am honored that they are taking on this active role in my campaign and I look forward to working with this group and expanding it,” concluded Gatsas.

The list of supporters joins an already released Finance Committee, comprised of 45 of the most active and successful fundraisers in New Hampshire.

<strong>Ted’s Team, The “First 50”:</strong>

<strong>Patrick O’Mara,</strong> Amherst (Activist)
<strong>Kelleigh Domaingue Murphy,</strong> Bedford (Bedford Town Council)
<strong>Keith Murphy,</strong> Bedford (State Representative)
<strong>Joe Duarte,</strong> Candia (State Representative)
<strong>Michael Charist,</strong> Claremont (Activist)
<strong>Kris MacNeil,</strong> Concord (Activist)
<strong>Dave MacNeil,</strong> Concord (Activist)
<strong>Luc Cote,</strong> Erroll (Business Leader)
<strong>Lee Quandt,</strong> Exeter (Fmr. State Representative)
<strong>Matthew Quandt,</strong> Exeter (Fmr. State Representative)
<strong>Linda Sapienza,</strong> Hampton (Activist)
<strong>Regina Barnes,</strong> Hampton (Selectwoman)
<strong>Pat Morganstern,</strong> Hampton (Activist)
<strong>John Morganstern,</strong> Hampton (Activist)
<strong>Peter Lucas,</strong> Hampton (Restauranteur)
<strong>Mike O’Neil,</strong> Hampton (Fmr. Majority Leader)
<strong>Peter Tilton,</strong> Hampton (Business Leader, Activist)
<strong>Pat Rueppel,</strong> Hooksett (Activist)
<strong>James Sullivan,</strong> Hooksett
<strong>Richard Boisvert,</strong> Hooksett (Hooksett Budget Comm)
<strong>Rachel Norton,</strong> Hudson (Keene State Republicans)
<strong>Jeff Levitan,</strong> Laconia (Business Leader, Activist)
<strong>Jane Love,</strong> Laconia, (Business Leader, Activist)
<strong>Ed Gionet,</strong> Lincoln (State Representative)
<strong>John Reuter,</strong> Manchester (Business Leader)
<strong>Chris Stewart,</strong> Manchester, (Fmr. School Board Member / Small Business Owner)
<strong>Larry Gagne,</strong> Manchester, (State Representative)
<strong>Keith Hirschmann,</strong> Manchester (Alderman, Ward 12, Fmr. State Representative, Small Business Owner)
<strong>Ross Terrio,</strong> Manchester (School Board Member, Fmr. State Representative)
<strong>Ned Desrosiers,</strong> Manchester (Activist)
<strong>Kim Desrosiers,</strong> Manchester (Activist)
<strong>Gary Hunter,</strong> Manchester (Manchester Education Activist)
<strong>Chuck Therrien,</strong> Manchester, (Business Leader)
<strong>Carlos Gonzalez,</strong> Manchester (State Representative)
<strong>Cliff Hurst,</strong> Manchester (Fmr. NHGOP Vice Chair)
<strong>Robert “Bobby” Longchamps,</strong> Manchester, (Activist)
<strong>Nick Pappas,</strong> Manchester, (Alderman, Ward 6)
<strong>Alexandria Knox,</strong> Manchester (Activist, Candidate for State Rep.)
<strong>Toni Pappas,</strong> Manchester (Hillsborough County Commissioner)
<strong>Bob McNamara,</strong> Manchester (Activist)
<strong>Dick Barry,</strong> Merrimack (State Representative)
<strong>Scott Ellison,</strong> New London (Business Leader, Attorney)
<strong>Wayne Vetter,</strong> Newmarket (Fmr. Rockingham County Sherrif)
<strong>John Anthony Simmons,</strong> North Hampton (Business Leader, Attorney)
<strong>Fred Kelly,</strong> Raymond (Fmr. Candia Selectman)
<strong>Adam Binnie,</strong> Rye (Business Leader)
<strong>Phil Boynton,</strong> Rye (Activist)
<strong>Don Rowell,</strong> Seabrook (Activist)
<strong>Herb Lahout,</strong> Sugar Hill/Littleton (Business Leader)
<strong>Stephanie Foster,</strong> Windham (Activist)