Press Release: Warren Cassidy, Former NRA CEO, Endorses Gatsas Ahead of Republican Gubernatorial Primary

MANCHESTER, NH – – Today, ahead of the Republican gubernatorial primary tomorrow, Warren Cassidy endorsed Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas as the best choice amongst the Republican candidates for governor to defend Granite Staters’ Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

Cassidy stated, “As both a former New England mayor and the former CEO and executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, I know how challenging it can be to stand by your principles when it seems like everyone wants you to fold. In Ted Gatsas, I see a firm Second Amendment supporter who will never compromise our rights and never back down from a fight.

“I know Ted Gatsas, and I can tell you, he is a fighter we can trust to defend the Second Amendment when it counts. These days, every mayor is pressured to denounce guns when violent crime strikes. When anti-gun activists use every shooting to push for anti-gun policies, mayors are pressed like never before to blame guns, not criminals, for urban crime. Ted felt that pressure, but he never gave in to it.

“It would have been easier to fold. It would have been easier to join other Northeastern mayors and play politics with crime. But that is not who Ted is. When the anti-gun groups attacked, he stayed firm. He was willing to take the heat to defend our right to keep and bear arms. That is the Ted Gatsas I know.

“To me, experience means a lot. It is one thing to check a box saying you will be there when it counts. It is another to have been tested in the rough-and-tumble world of modern politics. No candidate for governor has been tested like Ted has, and he has proven himself worthy of our support. He has stood by us when it would have been easier for him to walk away.

“There is no substitute for proven leadership. Ted Gatsas is without doubt the proven leader we need in the corner office to protect our Second Amendment rights.”