PRESS RELEASE: Gatsas Issues Response to Ruling Against Croydon School Board and Calls for Resignation of Commissioner of Education

MANCHESTER, NH – – Today, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mayor Ted Gatsas issued a statement in response to the Superior Court ruling that the Croydon School Board can not send its students to the school of their choosing using public funds despite not having the grades available in their own district.

“I am troubled by the Courts’ decision to rule against the Croydon School Board and I am deeply disturbed by the actions taken by Commissioner of Education Virginia Barry and Attorney General Foster for their crusade against parental choice and local control by choosing to target the Croydon School Board in a costly legal battle.

“Governor Hassan had the opportunity to support the town of Croydon, and end this unwarranted legal battle, and she did not.  Rather than side with parental choice and local control she doubled down and vetoed the legislation that would have taken care of Croydon.  HB 1637 was a first step to solving liberal government overreach by Concord and allowed parents and local school boards to choose where their children and students would receive their education.

“The cornerstones of my Foundation for Education are parental choice and local control.  As Governor, I will work with the legislature to bring forward, pass and sign the Croydon legislation within my first 100 days of office.

“During my first 100 days I will also have the opportunity to appoint a new Commissioner of Education that believes in these principles.  However, that doesn’t mean we have to wait while the current commissioner continues to ignore parents and local school boards.  To this end I call for the resignation of Education Commissioner Virginia Barry and hope Councilor Sununu will rescind his past support for Commissioner Barry by bringing this recommendation forward at tomorrow’s Executive Council meeting.”