Gubernatorial Campaign Kick-Off, Remarks by Theodore L. Gatsas

Gubernatorial Campaign Kick-Off, Remarks by Theodore L. Gatsas

Andy, thank you very much for the introduction. Your support means the world to me. You are an unbelievable friend and your belief in me is inspiring – thank you!

Thank all of you for being here this evening with me for our official campaign kick-off.   I am overwhelmed by your support.

I want to recognize my family who is here with me this evening.

When I first went to my family to tell them I was running for Governor to say they were supportive is an understatement.

My wife Cassandra told me. “It’s about time. For your birthday I will give you a campaign donation.” She knows what makes me happy.

My mother Perley told me my, “my father would be proud.”

My business partner and my brother got out the calculator and started to figure out how many signs we should order to cover the state. He apparently also knows what makes me very happy. And don’t worry those signs have been ordered and you will see them very soon.

And my nieces and nephews Amanda, Dan, Matt and Celia and their children. said to me, “Uncle Teddy, we support you and we are behind you 110%.” I love you guys!

My family is my foundation. And let me tell you as New Hampshire gets to know each of them over the course of the campaign you will love them. Thank you all so much for everything. I am very blessed.

On March 17th I announced my intention to seek the Republican nomination for Governor of the State of New Hampshire. 97 days from now, I promise to you:

In that time I will criss-cross this state, from East to West, North to South.

From the white mountains, to the lakes region, to the seacoast, to the gateway city, to the Connecticut River Valley I will give it my all so that on September 13th we are back here celebrating a Primary Victory and I will be the Republican nominee for Governor of the great State of New Hampshire.

Everyday I am asked why am I running for Governor? My answer is simple. I am running for Governor because it’s time for leadership in the corner office in Concord.

It’s time that Granite Staters have a Governor in the corner office that brings forward solutions.

It’s time that all of you have a Governor in the corner office that recognizes our challenges and is willing to acknowledge those challenges and not hide from them.

We need a Governor that goes to work everyday, rolls up their sleeves and get t work on developing solutions, bringing them forward and working as hard as they can, and for as long as it takes to bring about change.

As your Governor, you can count on Ted Gatsas to do exactly that!

What do those solutions look like?

They don’t need to be flashy and they certainly don’t need to be complicated. The solutions that I bring forward as your Governor will be Granite State solutions. They will be guided by commonsense. They will be practical. They will be sensible. And they will be compassionate.

These solutions don’t need to be flashy and they don’t need to be complicated. What these solutions will do is bring people together to address our challenges.

Let’s Keep It Simple. Let’s Get it done.

 People have asked me what experience do you bring to the table. I will tell you I am the only candidate for Governor who has business experience, legislative experience and executive experience. The only one. There is no Republican or Democrat in this race besides Ted Gatsas that offers you that.

But when it comes to experience, what I am most proud of is that I will always stand up for the people of New Hampshire and I have a record to prove it. I know where I am at on the issues and I’m not afraid to tell you. When it comes to my principles, and making the right choices for the citizens of New Hampshire polls don’t matter and where I’m at in the election cycle certainly doesn’t matter either.

In business, my brother Michael and I co-founded Staffing Network. Our mission when we began staffing network was to help business. we helped business owners focus on what they were originally went into business for and what they were good at. And we managed the burden of payroll hassles, ever-changing government regulations and policies.

Our business started with the two of us and a handful of employees. We grew much bigger and eventually managed 5000+ employees.   On a daily basis we would get calls, or people would stop us and say thank you.  Thank you for helping me be in business.

As Governor, just as I did in business I will make it easier for you. I will make sure business worries less about what’s happening and concentrate more on their success.

I saw a post on my Facebook page recently from a small business owner, who is in this room this evening Pamela Provencher. On the annual renewal of her business license she posted a photo and said that getting that license was the scariest thing she’s ever done and renewing it, one year later, was the most gratifying.

It’s very simple. As Governor I promise to you, that I will be a friend to business. I will make sure that your days are filled with more gratifying moments and celebration of successes like Pamela’s rather than coping with the headaches of higher taxes and more regulations.

I will never, ever support an income tax or a sales tax. If it hits my desk, I will veto it!

And when I am governor we will put forward a constitutional amendment to ban an income tax in the state of New Hampshire.

Let’s keep it simple. Let’s get it done.

As a state we are faced with a fentanyl, heroin and opiate epidemic. It is the most important issue that faces all of us. As Mayor, this issue has been my top priority.

This epidemic has been my top priority long before the politicians in Concord decided they couldn’t ignore it. Before they decided they had to listen to the communities like Manchester. They couldn’t ignore us and they had to join the fight and do something about it.

Granite Staters need a Governor that isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Let’s call it what it is – this is a public health emergency. And anyone caught dealing fentanyl – the charge without question is attempted murder.

Just as I have in Manchester, with the Safe Station program – which is saving lives I will continue to breakdown barriers and I will use the corner office as a bully pulpit to do just that. This is not time, in this epidemic, for on the job training.

New Hampshire needs a Governor who has shown leadership on this issue.

And it’s not complicated. It’s about helping people.   From law enforcement on the front lines, to the recovery community, to the voiceless victims – the babies born addicted – as Governor, just as I have done in Manchester I will help you.

I have a letter here with me tonight that I want to read. I keep in my office and I often look at it.

Let’s keep it simple. Let’s get it done.

Let’s talk about electricity costs. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, or both, this issue affects you. Businesses aren’t coming to New Hampshire because of our high electric rates. New Hampshire has some of the highest electricity rates in the nation. That’s wrong and that needs to change.

We need to review the regulatory costs associated with RGGI and with the Renewable Portfolio Standard. And if new electricity comes into or through New Hampshire—like Northern Pass–we must make sure 30% of that electricity stays here in New Hampshire FOR New Hampshire.

I will not let New Hampshire become a donor state for the rest of New England when it comes to energy and electricity.   I am committed to getting Granite Staters relief.

It’s time government got creative. With electricity rates so high you know what we did in the City of Manchester? We simply replaced old street lighting with LED lighting and reduced the annual cost to taxpayers from $1.3 million to $900 thousand. At the state level, we could do similar things. It just takes leadership.

Again, Let’s keep it simple. Let’s Get it done.

Another thing costing each of us more and more. Health care.

As an employer or an individual the costs are not going down. When health care costs go up – as they have thanks to Obama care, individuals, businesses and governments are equally affected—including municipalities like Manchester.

So what did we do? As Mayor I renegotiated contracts with our health care providers and saved the city money and our quality of care remained consistent.   I will do exactly that as Governor.

Reducing healthcare costs, without sacrificing care is a necessity in New Hampshire and we need solutions that limit our ties to the federal government. I cannot as Governor overturn Obama care—I wish I could. But let’s get everyone at the table, patients, hospitals, doctors and insurance companies and come up with a plan – a New Hampshire plan.

And when we do this – let’s make sure that our veterans. The men and women that have served our country, fought for our freedoms have access to the healthcare that they need. Let’s make sure they can go to any hospital and get care.

It’s time for the state to step up to the plate, hold the federal government accountable and demand healthcare equality for our veterans.

Again, let’s keep it simple. Let’s get it done.

One last topic, education.

What we need to do at the state is make sure that we are providing the platform for communities to expand educational opportunity not micro-manage communities.

Every community in New Hampshire is different and so are their educational needs. It’s time that the State Department of Education understands this and begins to operate under this principle. We are not boxes on an assembly line, every New Hampshire community is unique and the State Department of Education needs to recognize that.

As Governor I will provide a platform for all communities to participate in the FIRST Junior Steam Ahead program that was founded in the Manchester School District.

As Governor I will provide a platform for all communities to participate in technical education. So that students who want to enter a trade program can start in high school and when they graduate they are ready to enter the workforce.

As Chairman of the School Board, here in Manchester, I can tell you the New Hampshire State Department of Education does not make it easy.

When I am Governor that will not be the case – we will give local control new meaning. And not just to the individual districts – but also to the parents.

And once and for all – I will put forward a constitutional amendment addressing educational funding and finally put that fight in the rearview mirror.

Let’s Keep It Simple. Let’s Get It Done.

On Friday morning, I will make my candidacy official with the Secretary of State. Please join us – this campaign is about you and how I, as Governor will provide the leadership to help you. And bring forward solutions to the make the State of New Hampshire a better place.

Thank you everyone. God Bless and Godspeed.