Gatsas Wins First Televised Gubernatorial Debate

MANCHESTER, NH – Gatsas for Governor Campaign Manger Nate Lamb released the following statement on Mayor Ted Gatsas’ victory in tonight’s first televised Republican gubernatorial debate.

“Ted Gatsas won tonight’s debate by laying out a conservative, pro-growth agenda that will create jobs and move New Hampshire forward. Ted is a fighter, and he proved that he is the only candidate who has the message, the experience and the fiscally responsible values needed to take back the corner office in November.

“This has come down to two person race, and Councilor Sununu demonstrated that he is a liberal rubber stamp for Governor Hassan who was unable to defend his misguided vote to fund Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars. Furthermore Councilor Sununu tried to mislead voters about his insulting claims that our police officers, firefighters and members of the recovery community have not provided leadership at the local level on New Hampshire’s drug epidemic when he has done nothing but talk for 6 years. Finally, Councilor Sununu couldn’t defend his inexcusable votes for a Common Core supporting Education Commissioner and Board of Education members, except to laughably say he would gut the Common Core supporting Board of Education he himself put there.”