Gatsas for Governor

Gatsas for Governor

As published in the Concord Monitor on Wednesday, April 13th

Dear Editor,

I was so happy to hear that Ted Gatsas is running for governor. I urge folks to take a look at him.

When he was a state senator, and I was a small micro-business owner, I had the opportunity to work with him on a multitude of issues. There were many times he could have taken the easy way out, and voted to bring money into politicians’ and lobbyists’ pockets. But he took the time to research, talk to the little businesses (who often didn’t have the bucks to support politicians) and genuinely looked at ways to help us all remain parts of our neighborhoods.

I think Ted Gatsas has the most experience to look at the whole picture involved with our great state.

From costs that affect our property taxes/rents, for making businesses secure enough to expand (and not be afraid the rules will change again), to finding ways to decrease health care costs for our residents, to being able to make the tough decisions on improving infrastructure and education, to finding innovative measures to attract tourism, it is clear that Ted Gatsas has mastered ways of working well with others to accomplish what is best for our state and its people.

State primary elections are Sept. 13. Please join me in voting for Ted Gatsas for governor.

Kris MacNeil