Gatsas for Governor Launches New TV Ad “Proven”

MANCHESTER, NH – The Gatsas for Governor campaign today launched its first television ad, “Proven.” The ad highlights Ted’s fiscally conservative record in Manchester and his pledge to fight a sales or income tax in Concord.

The ad will begin running on statewide television this week. Script and video link are below.

Script For “Proven” (TV: 30):

MAYOR TED GATSAS:  “I’m Ted Gatsas. Here in Manchester, we’ve proven we can do more with less.

“As mayor, I eliminated waste and balanced budgets while cutting taxes.

“As governor, I will veto any income or sales tax, and I will fight for a constitutional amendment to eliminate the income tax once and for all.

“You can spend your money better than any politician.

“I’m Ted Gatsas, and I will get Concord off your back and out of your wallet.”

To view “Proven”, please see