A Foundation for Education: A Comprehensive Plan for Education in NH

A Foundation for Education: A Comprehensive Plan for Education in NH

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Mayor Ted Gatsas Releases A Comprehensive Plan for Education in New Hampshire

Gatsas calls for the restoration of parental choice, local control and ending Common Core in NH

MANCHESTER, NH – Today, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mayor Ted Gatsas released his comprehensive plan for education in New Hampshire, A Foundation for Education.

Gatsas began, “as Governor, I commit to the families and children throughout New Hampshire that I will always put their needs ahead of Washington’s mandates. Its time that choice and control be returned to the conversation when it comes to education. The plan before you does just that. This is a Foundation for Education in New Hampshire. It begins with the cornerstones are parental choice and local control and adds the building blocks for stability.

The plan before you is comprehensive and it is achievable. We can, and will get it done.”

Mayor Gatsas presented his Comprehensive Plan for Education, A Foundation for Education:

The Cornerstones: Parental Choice & Local Control: Gatsas began, “little by little parental choice and local control are being stripped from education in exchange for Washington’s mandates. This is unacceptable. Parental choice and local control must be returned to education in New Hampshire,” commented Gatsas.

Building Block #1: Leadership: “Leadership on education begins in the Governor’s Office and extends to the Commissioner of Education and the state Board of Education. As Governor I will only nominate individuals that put New Hampshire ahead of Washington and have a demonstrated commitment to parental choice and local control,” added Gatsas.

Building Block #2: Reject Federal Common Core Standards and Reevaluate Standardized Testing: “It’s time that New Hampshire regain control of our classrooms by eliminating Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessments. Washington’s one-size fits all approach is wrong. As Mayor I stood up to Washington to reject Common Core. Unfortunately the threat of loss of funding won out, but my opposition remained steadfast.

“It is also unfortunate that the Governor and the majority of the Executive Council in New Hampshire continued to support Common Core and voted for contracts citing the loss of funding as their reasoning. This argument is tired. As Governor, I will stand up to Washington and say no to Common Core,” commented Gatsas.

Building Block #3: Expand Choice, Competition and Programming: “As a self-made businessman, I recognize that there are two very basic concepts used in the free market: choice and competition. This should also be our launching point to improve and expand educational opportunity in education,” added Gatsas.

Gatsas’ initiatives include:
1) Encourage School Choice & Competition;
2) Changing S.T.E.M. to S.T.E.A.M. and expanding programming;
3) Expanding the FIRST Jr. STEAM Ahead program;
4) Expansion of Trade & Technical Education.

Building Block #4: Closing the Achievement Gap: “As Governor, my focus to close the achievement gap will be on early childhood education. I will encourage all communities to move towards full-day Kindergarten programs. This will not come in the form of a mandate handed down to local communities by Concord, but rather by illustrating the benefits of full-day programming and making it a choice for local communities.

“As Governor I also will make third-grade reading proficiency a top educational priority. Similar to a partnership that was brought forward by the Granite United Way and the Manchester School District, we will make the Reading Plus program, a technology-based reading program, available to every school district in New Hampshire.” added Gatsas.

Building Block #5: Education Funding Stability: “It has been nearly 20 years since the Claremont ruling and we continue to struggle with stability in education funding. As Governor, I will work with the legislature to put forward a Constitutional Amendment for education funding that will bring funding certainty to local officials so they can plan for their near and long-term needs.” concluded Gatsas.

The full text of Gatsas’ Comprehensive Plan for Education in New Hampshire, A Foundation for Education is available online at www.tedgatsas.com


Ted Gatsas is the 47th Mayor of Manchester and is currently serving his fourth term. Prior to serving as Mayor he served concurrently as a city Alderman and State Senator representing District 16. He served as Senate President from 2005 – 2006. Before entering public service Ted and his brother Michael co-founded Staffing Network an employee-leasing company that grew to be one of the largest employers in New England. Staffing Network was eventually acquired by ADP Payroll affording Ted the ability to serve the City of Manchester and the State of New Hampshire and give back to the city and state that had shaped his life and career.