State Needs to do More to Protect Our Veterans

State Needs to do More to Protect Our Veterans

Manchester, NH – An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General on the Manchester VA Medical Center concluded that staff at the center were manipulating appointment scheduling and scheming to hide long wait lists, according to a report by the agency, as reported in today’s Union Leader:

Report: VA kept NH patients waiting, By MARK HAYWARD, New Hampshire Union Leader

Manchester Mayor and Republican Candidate for Governor Ted Gatsas released the following statement on the matter:

“Manipulating the schedules, hiding waiting lists, backlogs for cardiac care and in one case making a veteran wait seven months for pain care? And it took the federal government to let us know it was happening? Where was the state?

We cannot rely on Washington D.C. to fix this problem. It is the Governor and state’s job to make sure the Feds are holding up their end of the bargain and making sure our veterans are receiving the benefits and care they require.

Our veterans are our national treasure. A promise was made to them when they volunteered to serve and sacrificed for our nation and we cannot just let that promise be ignored and say, ‘Sorry, it’s a Washington problem.’ Our State Office of Veteran’s Affairs exists to ensure veterans are receiving proper care, but have little ability to influence anything. The agency must be empowered to receive the data they need to ensure benefits promised are being delivered, and act upon that information. Further, the Governor needs to be a loud voice fighting for our New Hampshire Veterans. I will be meeting with people over the next few days and weeks to develop solutions we, as a state, can implement to help our veterans.”